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We traversed 4 of the 7 provinces of Costa Rica, seeing a variety of ecosystems and lifestyles.

Tortuguero National Park is on the Caribbean Coast. It is a preserve of rainforest, lagoons, canals, swamps and beaches.

The inhabitants of the small village of Tortuguero are supported by eco-tourism.

With 250 inches of rainfall per year, the soil is constantly drenched. Our cottages, like most buildings were raised on stilts.

At 4:30 a.m. our group gathered on the beach to watch the remarkable sight  of hundreds of sea turtles hatching and scurrying to the ocean.

In contrast, on the Pacific side, Guanacaste Province is dry rangeland.

There is a beef industry of hearty brahman cattle, bred for their tolerance for heat, whose meat is quite tough.

The coffee industry has historically been very important. Newly married couples were given land by the government on which to grow coffee beans.

Agricultural products also include pineapples, bananas, sugar,  potatoes, rice, tropical fruits and ornamental plants.

The natural beauty and wildlife inspire local artisans such as this glass-blower.

Villages and farms are scattered throughout the country. This typical homestead uses a "living fence."


Since the building of an international airport in Liberia, the region has grown as a tourist destination with small local condos and large international hotel chains.

The coastline of Guanacaste includes wide beaches such as Tamarindo and Playa Hermosa.

The sunsets over the Pacific Ocean are spectacular.


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